Cornerstone Building Certification is a Specialist Residential Certification business. Our team provides certification services for a wide range of residential developments across Queensland, including all types of extensions and renovations as well as new homes of all styles and sizes.

Our aim is to provide you with the best quality service and compliant outcomes for your proposed development.

Our certifiers work closely with you to understand your needs and expectations so that we can provide advice on any specific planning and certification matters relating to your proposed development. We work towards minimising costs and time frames in relation to the certification process.

Our staff pride themselves on their creative thinking and solutions for all your development needs and are highly trained in current legislation and planning requirements.


We endeavour to make the certification process as streamlined as possible.

We ensure your development complies with the appropriate State Government Acts and Regulations, local laws, building codes and standards prior to commencing work.

We complete all relevant building application forms on your behalf and can lodge any required Local Authority applications you may need as part of your development.

We can assist with other required reports you may need as part of the building approval such as Energy Efficiency Reports, Hydraulic Studies or Bushfire Reports.

We issue your building permit to commence work and we finalise the approval once the development is completed.