It seems a strange question to ask but have you serviced your house lately? Vehicles need routine servicing and maintenance, and so does the home you live in. Buildings are made up of numbers different construction systems, materials and elements which in some cases need regular maintenance to ensure that they can perform the way they were design too and are expected too in your building.

Such things as termite management comes to mind. Does your dwelling utilise a particular termite management system that needs periodical inspection or recharging?

Are your smoke alarms functioning or in need of replacement? Even hardwired smoke alarms have as life span and should be checked to make sure they are still viable. Are you aware of any special construction systems used in your building and do they need to be maintained or checked?

Protection of the outside elements of your building is extremely important as this will ensure you are protecting the inside of your building from unseen damage. Does the building need painting? Are the windows, doors and glazing in good shape? Does your roof and guttering need attention or even replacement? Have you checked to make sure your deck is still able support the expected use without failure?

Just as important are the elements that you rely on for safety. Are the safety elements of your building going to protect you the way they should when needed? Balustrades and stairs do not last forever and are some of the most used parts of a building. It is wise to check to see if the elements that make up these vital parts of your building are not in a state of disrepair. A conscientious inspection or check of the balustrade connections is a great start. Looking at your stair treads to make sure they are not rotting or loose will prevent unwanted incidents. It may even be the perfect opportunity to check to see if the stairs and balustrades installed in a building are up to current building code requirements and if they are not, bring them up to code.

And just like a vehicle, we look to a qualified mechanic to give our vehicles the once over. If you’re not sure what you need to look at when thinking about the care of your dwelling, seek guidance from a builder, engineer or even your Private Building Surveyor. Simple maintenance can be the best step to protect your building and your wallet from unwanted repairs.