Managing Director and Principal Certifier

Chris has been a part of the certification industry since 2003. His time in the industry has seen him work in all South East Queensland Local Authorities as well as a number of regional Local Authorities.

Chris’ residential experience has developed from working with a wide spread of clients which range from large residential development companies to the home owner undertaking their small project, dream renovation or new build.

Chris also enjoys working closely with architects, designers and builders and endeavours to provide advice and assistance for proposed developments in relation to achieving compliance with all required laws and regulations.


Marketing Communications Manager

Nathan began his career working as a graphic designer for the internationally renowned architectural firm Cox Architecture. While working with them he gained a wealth of knowledge in the building and planning industries.

Over the past 10 years, Nathan has used his knowledge and skills to advise businesses on how best to use their branding and marketing communications to their full potential.

Nathan will be available to help you with any of your HR, marketing, communications or design needs. He thrives on finding a creative solution to any problem.


Business Development Manager

After a fifteen year career in education, Rebekah joins Cornerstone as the Business Development Manager. Her previous career affords a range of skills including communication and interpersonal skills, organisation and time management. Rebekah’s unique skill set brings a wonderful balance to our office.

Rebekah is available to assist you with any of your application enquiries.

Darren Freshwater

Cadet Certifier

Darren holds a Diploma of Civil Engineering and is currently completing his Bachelor of Building Surveying (Honours).  

With extensive experience in the engineering discipline, Darren is well placed to ensure that the structural aspects of your building development is sound. 

In addition, Darren is well versed in onsite inspection processes, ensuring that the structural elements of your development, from footings to frame, is compliant with all current legislation and planning requirements.  

His quality work will ensure your certification process will deliver a compliant outcome as well as a building that is safe. Darren looks forward to continuing his work within the Domestic Certification industry.